Illuminating the way to better IT.

At Luminoor we believe that technology’s main aim is to first and foremost enable businesses to be great at what they do. Technology should be a driver of value and profit and not a bottomless expense with no direction or purpose to the core business. The right technology can and should help businesses transform innovative ideas into physical value, human needs into business objectives, functional design into authentic solutions, and struggle into profit.

Our technological leadership is enabling businesses across the world to overcome limitations and turn them into opportunities through the use of the right technology. We employ stringent governance across the board in everything that we do and cutting-edge technical expertise to deliver anything from big projects and ongoing support to one-off solutions in a number of different markets.

To this end, we provide the full spectrum of IT services ranging from consultancy and development to support, branding and SEO. We are able to take a nascent idea and drive it forward all the way to implementation and marketing. Based in the UK, our team of professionals is driven to provide value at all times and to enable organisations and individuals across the globe to pursue meaning and sustainable growth within the markets they operate in. Our function as technology enablers is constantly driven by our client’s need for success.

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